Common Questions for Taking Shorter Showers

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What does taking shorter showers do?

It gives you more time to do non-shower activities, and what that means is up to you! A great side-effect is that it saves water, so that helps you save money on bills, your county/state with their water preservation efforts (especially if you live in a relatively dry region), and the environment!

How can we take shorter showers?

As with most things, you can set a goal! Figure out how long your average shower is currently, and decide on an ideal amount of time to spend in the shower (more on this later). Feel free to check out our blog on strategies you can take to shorten your shower time: > Read: 3 Strategies to Take Shorter Showers You Can Try Right Now

Should I take shorter showers?

Some other reasons you may want to take shorter showers include: avoiding dry skin (especially for those with eczema), developing discipline, or if you want to lose water weight.

Is a 20 minute shower too long?

The recommended length of your shower is 5-10 minutes, if your goal is to avoid dry skin. Otherwise, plan out what makes sense according to your bills and your daily routine.